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Wendigo (also Windigo, Windago, Windiga, Witiko, Wihtikow, "Wenridow" and other variations) is a supernatural creature that is part of the mythology of the indigenous people of North America Ojibuas . According to mythology, the Wendigo is formed from any human, who went through a lot of hunger during a severe winter, and to eat, ate his own companions. After perpetuating cannibal acts for a long time, he ends up becoming this monster and gains many attributes to hunt and feed, such as imitating the human voice, climbing trees, supporting very heavy loads, and in addition has a superhuman intelligence. The human victim of the wendigo spirit, after perpetuating cannibalistic acts, begins to transform. The eyes are white, the teeth are sharp and the skin stretches around the skeleton of the ex-human. Wendigo also has the ability to hibernate for years, and to withstand winters, it stocks its victims in underground caves where it slowly devours them. According to indigenous mythology, to destroy a Wendigo it is necessary to burn it, because according to the indigenous people, Wendigo has superhuman skin that also allows him to survive any type of unstable injury, such as stabbing or wounds caused by bullets, despite shotgun bullets slow Wendigo for a few seconds.


Appearance: The hair color is very black, the eyes are dark brown and have a very pale skin.

Personality: They are quiet and antisocial, when angry they do not hesitate to kill.


Passive Powers


Level 1: Sons of Wendigo are immune to illusory attacks and to the 7 elements, less fire


Level 1: They will live forever, unless they are completely burned.

Super speed

Levels 1-6: Can travel at speeds up to 300km / h.

Levels 7-12: Can reach speeds of up to 600 km / h.

Levels 13-20: Can reach speeds up to 900 km / h.

Advanced Agility

Level 1: Can jump from tree to tree without being deterred by foliage.

Enhanced Strength

Levels 1-6: They are strong enough to lift a car easily.

Levels 7-12: They are strong enough to lift a truck.

Levels 13-20: They are strong enough to lift a train.


Sons of Wendigo have giant claws, which they use to hunt or to attack.

Levels 1-6: Claws can cut wood easily.

Levels 7-12: The claws can cut iron.

Levels 13-20: Claws can cut steel.


Active Powers

Darkness Control

Level 1: Any attack that involves darkness will be sucked in by Wendigo's son, rendering the attack null and void.

Impossible Fear

Levels 1-6: The offspring makes the image of their father appear behind him, immediately afterwards anyone will be immediately scared.

Levels 7-12: The scam will work even with demigods of death / fear / terror.

Levels 13-20: The blow may work even with gods.

Black roses

Levels 1-6: Wendigo's son throws numerous black roses towards the enemy who slices the same.

Levels 7-12: Now the roses can burn the enemy.

Levels 13-20: The roses may put the enemy in an illusion.


Levels 1-6: Screaming can stun the enemy.

Levels 7-12: The scream could blow the enemy's eardrums.

Levels 13-20: It may release supersonic bursts capable of destroying trees.

True Look

Levels 1-6: By looking into someone's eyes you can read that person's thoughts.

Levels 7-12: Now you can put it in an illusion.

Levels 13-20: You can now control the person's body.

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